Loreena McKennitt

Hier finden Sie die wunderbare Musik einer außergewöhnlichen Künstlerin.

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Madrid, 15. Juli 2008. [Quelle: www.fotopedia.com/items/flickr-2671960429].

1985: Elemental .

She Moved Through The Fair
Stolen Child .
The Lark In The Clear Air
Banks Of Claudy
Come By The Hills

1987: To Drive the Cold Winter Away .

1989: Parallel Dreams .

Samain Night .
Moon Cradle
Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance
Annachie Gordon .
Standing Stones .
Dickens' Dublin (The Palace) .
Breaking The Silence
Ancient Pines

1991: The Visit

All Souls Night .
Bonny Portmore .
Between The Shadows .
The Lady Of Shalott .
Greensleeves .
Tango To Evora .
Courtyard Lullaby .
The Old Ways .
Cymbeline .

1994: The Mask and Mirror .

The Mystic's Dream
The Bonny Swans
Dark Night Of The Soul
Marrakesh Night Market
Full Circle
Ce He Mise Le Ulaingt? (The Two Trees)
Prospero's Speech

1997: The Book of Secrets .

Prologue .
The Mummer's Dance .
Skellig .
Marco Polo .
The Highwayman .
La Serenissima .
Night Ride Across The Caucasus .
Dante's Prayer .

2006: An Ancient Muse

Incantation .
The Gates Of Istanbul .
Caravanserai .
The English Ladye And The Knight .
Kecharitomene .
Penelope's Song .
Sacred Shabbat .
Beneath A Phrygian Sky .
Never-Ending Road (Amhrán Duit) . 

2008: A Midwinter Night's Dream .

2010: The Wind That Shakes the Barley .

As I roved out .
On a bright may morning .
Brian Boru's march 
Down by the sally gardens 
The star of the country down 
The wind that shakes the Barley 
The death of queen Jane
The emigration tunes .
The parting glass