Hintergrund-Artikel zum Syrienkrieg

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USA und Islamismus
Giftgas-Anschlag von Ghouta

USA und Islamismus

05.12.10 – WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists (Declan Walsh, The Guardian).
21.08.14 – How to Ensure a Thriving Caliphate (Patrick Coburn, TomDispatch.com).
12.09.14 – How the West Created the Islamic State (Nafeez Ahmed, Counterpunch)
30.01.15 – Don’t Blame Islam. Al-Qaeda and ISIS are products of US and Saudi imperialism (David Mizner, Jacobini).

Giftgas-Anschlag von Ghouta:

30.08.13 – Syria chemical weapons attack blamed on Assad, but where's the evidence? (Tucker Reals, CBS News).
15.09.13 – Do Syrian Rebels Have Sarin? (Robert Parry, Consortiumnews.com).
07.10.13 – Top US and Saudi Officials responsible for Chemical Weapons in Syria (Christof Lehmann, NSNBC).
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12.11.13 – Private Donors’ Funds Add Wild Card to War in Syria (Ben Hubbard, New York Times).
26.12.13 – Syria Chemical Weapons: Who was behind the East Ghouta Attacks?
(Yuram Abdullah Weiler, Global Research)

20.05.14 – Seymour Hersh, false flags, and sarin gas (Jeff Mackler, socialist action).

02.10.15 – Obama’s Case for Syrian War – Proven Lies (Eric Zuesse, Off guardian).
30.10.15 – Wer steckt hinter dem syrischen Giftgas-Angriff? (Fabian Köhler, Telepolis).
11/ 2015 – Sarin in Syrien (Norman Paech).

07.01.16 – Military to Military. Seymour M. Hersh on US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war. (Seymour Hersh, London Review of Books Vol. 38 No. 1).


05.03.07 – The Redirection (Seymour Hersh, The New Yorker).

07.08.10 – Obama’s CIA Pedigree (Yanira Farray, Veterans Today).

21.09.13 – Private donations give edge to Islamists in Syria (Joby Warrick, Washington Post).
30.10.13 – Al-Qaeda recruits entering Syria from Turkey safehouses (Ruth Sherlock, The Telegraph).
12/ 2013 – Playing with Fire: Why Private Gulf Financing for Syria’s Extremist Rebels Risks Igniting Sectarian Conflict at Home (Elizabeth Dickinson, Brookings). 

07.01.14 – Saudis Back Syrian Rebels Despite Risk (Robert F. Worth, New York Times).
04.10.14 – Biden: Turks, Saudis, UAE funded and armed Al Nusra and Al Qaeda (mideastshuffle.com).
06.10.14 – America’s "Terrorist Academy" in Iraq Produced ISIS Leaders (Mike Whitney, Counterpunch). [vgl. hier].
18.12.14 – Rewriting Syria’s War (David Kenner, Foreign Policy).

22.02.15 – Obama’s War Policies Show a Pattern (Eric Zuesse, RINF.com).
18.03.15 – Iraqi Commander: Tapped Communications Confirms US Aids to ISIL (Fars News Agency).
22.02.15 – US Backing for ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels: Long Reported, Continually Forgotten (Adam Johson, FAIR.org).
24.05.15 – Amid the ruins of Syria, is Bashar al-Assad now finally facing the end? (The Observer).
26.09.15 – Martin Dempsey’s world is falling apart (James Kitfield, Politico).
14.10.15 – I got Syria so Wrong (Frederic C. Hof, Politico / Atlantic Council). [oder hier].
29.11.15 – Ex-US-Geheimdienstchef über den IS: "Wir waren zu dumm". (Matthias Gebauer, Holger Stark, Spiegel.de.

17.01.16 – Obama’s Invasion Plan of Syria Was Drawn Up by Kim Roosevelt in 1957 (Eric Zuesse, RINF.com).
17.02.16 – Why Terrorists Aren’t Hitting the U.S. Now (Eric Zuesse, Washingtons Blog).
06.05.16 – Why Obama Prioritizes Ousting Assad Over Defeating Syria’s Jihadists (Eric Zuesse, Washingtons Blog).